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Elfbot NG is the preferred bot used with NoxiousOT. Version 4.5.9 is compatible with NoxiousOT and works completely with both the official Tibia 8.6 client and the custom Noxious client.


A bot has many added benefits compared to playing manually:

  • Automatic healing
  • Alarms (Private Messages, players on screen, players attacking, ...)
  • Easy access to a lot of runes and spells without having to program Client hotkeys
  • Automatic cavebotting and targetting
  • Automatic PvP actions like paralyzing, pushing, ...
  • ...

Note: To configure looting in Elfbot, you'll need to know the Item ID of a certain item. That way, the bot recognises it and can loot it. Luckily, we have an Item ID List right here!


You can download Elfbot 4.5.9, along with a free crack and the official Tibia 8.6 client here. The zip password is: 'noxiousot' .


Read the entire set of instructions prior to executing them, to ensure that you have all the required information.

  1. Download the ZIP-file from above and extract it with password 'noxiousot' . This will generate 3 new ZIP-files and a text-file.
  2. Extract the ZIP-file 'elfbot.zip'.
    • Run the installer 'setup-4.5.9.exe' to install Elfbot NG.
  3. Extract the ZIP-file 'Tibia860.zip'.
  4. Disable your virus scanner.
  5. Extract the ZIP-file 'elfcrack.zip'.
    • Run the file 'Elfcrack.exe' as Administrator.
    • Navigate to the locations of the Tibia860 client (included in the zip) and the Elfbot installation folder.
    • Click the button to crack both.
    • Close the Elfbot crack.
  6. Enable your virus scanner.
  7. You're now ready to play NoxiousOT with Elfbot NG!

Note 1: You need to run the crack on both the client 'tibia860.exe' and the Elfbot 'loader.exe', otherwise the crack will not be applied and elfbot will ask for a license!

Note 2: Elfbot also works with the custom NoxiousOT client, however even in that case you need to run the crack on the Tibia860 client as mentioned above. Afterwards, if you will use the custom client, you can simply remove the Tibia860 client and use our custom client which comes pre-cracked.