Kings Relic

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Kings Relic You see a kings relic (Arm:1).
It weighs 13.37 oz.
Category: Special Belt Slot Item
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The Kings Relic fits in your Belt Slot. It can be magically enchanted with an Orb of Enchantment an unlimited amount of times. This a very unique feature, since only one other item (the Golden Falcon) has this possibility. Every time you enchant the Kings Relic it will also get a random amount of Magic Find as attribute, which means that it will increase your Magic Find permanently while wearing the Kings Relic.

While other enchantable items have a chance of getting up to 2 "legendary" attributes, the Kings Relic will only have 1 or 2 uncommon attributes at best.

It can only be obtained through finishing the Kings Relic Quest. Please refer to the Quest Guides area for more information about this quest.