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The Noxious Staff is comprised of all the people that volunteer to actively support the community of NoxiousOT in one way or another. The list of all Staff members including their online status can be found here.

There are four types of positions in the Staff:

Staff Positions
Tutor Tutor
Gamemaster Gamemaster (GM)
Community Manager Community Manager (CM)



Tutors, like their real Tibia counterparts, are helpful, but regular players who are recognized by the staff and given a title and a few responsibilities. They answer questions and provide assistance: primarily in Help Chat, but also via Global Chat, Private Message and the Forum. Their most notable abilities are the following:

  • Orange font color in Global Chat and Help.
  • Mute players in the Global Chat, Trade or Help for up to 1 day.
  • Start Events.
  • Ban players from Events for up to 2 days.

Ideally, these tasks reduce the workload of the Gamemasters, Community Managers and the GOD, allowing them to perform other tasks. A Tutor is also a potential Gamemaster, so it's critical that they both know and follow the rules.

Tutors have no enforcement capabilities, because they are still regular players: they are not protected. Anything that you can do to someone else (within the boundaries of the rules), you can do to a Tutor. Anything you can do, they can do. They have no direct influence on whether someone is banned, for what duration that person is banned or if/when someone is unbanned.

For those who wish to become staff members, this is the first step. If you want to become a Tutor, the best thing you can do is: help other players. That is what Tutors are expected to do, so if you're an aspiring Tutor but don't already help players you might want to revisit your motivations.


There are currently no tutors, however a few Tutor positions are open. If you feel that you're ready to become a Tutor, please submit your application here.

Gamemaster (GM)


Gamemasters are primarily a rule enforcement entity. In addition to continuing to help other players, they're shouldered with the task of maintaining order on NoxiousOT. They're given some amount of independence and entrusted to some extent to deal out warnings and punishments. They patrol the map looking for and dealing with players who refuse to follow the rules, investigating both independently and based on reports.

They keep all powers that they had as a Tutor. Additionally they gain the ability to:

  • Ban single players or entire accounts from the game, temporarily or permanently.
  • Ban players from events longer or even permanently, and unban players from events.
  • Mute players in Global Chat, Trade and/or Help for a specific amount of time or permanently.
  • Mute players in Default for a specific amount of time or permanently.
  • Red font in Global Chat.
  • Broadcast messages to the entire server.
  • Prevent players from gaining experience from monsters.
  • Ghost (become invisible to all but other staff members of equal or higher rank).
  • Teleport themselves to any location in the game.
  • Teleport other players to them.
  • Teleport players to a town's temple.
  • Freeze players in place.
  • Change the outfit of players to monster outfits.

With these abilities comes increasing oversight. Allegations of corruption are taken very seriously, and GMs are prohibited from breaking the rules that they're expected to enforce. They are not allowed to help themselves, friends or for that matter any player by teleporting them to quest rooms or helping them in getting experience easier.

Gamemasters are unable to:

  • Open their depots
  • Pick up items from the ground
  • Trade
  • Enter houses (unless they are explicitly invited, just like regular characters)
  • Create items

They do not need these powers to do their job, so they don't have them.


These are the current Gamemasters on NoxiousOT:

Community Manager (CM)


A Community Manager is basically a Senior Gamemaster. It is a rank to which a Gamemaster can be promoted after having shown that they could handle the powers and responsibilities that come with enforcing the rules, as well as having a deep involvement with the community.

In addition to keeping all powers from their Gamemaster position, a Community Manager has, among others, the following abilities:

  • Grant, change or remove House ownership.
  • Grant, change or remove Guildhall ownership: if a Guildhall has to change ownership, you need to contact a CM or a GOD.
  • Summon or create any monster in the game.


This is the current Community Manager on NoxiousOT:


GOD Deviance is the owner of NoxiousOT. The title is self-explanatory: if something is technically possible, a GOD can do it. He posesses all the commands and controls required to maintain the server and the community.