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Category: Currency

A Premium Point is a form of Currency on NoxiousOT, just like Gold and Noxious Tokens. It is the only NoxiousOT Currency that has a fixed value against the US Dollar: $1 USD equals 120 Premium Points. Therefore, Premium Points are not obtainable in-game unlike Gold and Noxious Tokens.

Players can purchase Premium Points by donating to NoxiousOT. This is entirely without obligation, since you can play NoxiousOT perfectly without donating and since Premium Points can be obtained through the Item Market as well in exchange for other items.

Premium Points from previous donations can be recovered to use again during the current era. You can recover them through this webpage. You will need to log in to a valid NoxiousOT account and you'll need to know the e-mail address that you used to do the donation.

You may win Premium Points by using the NoxiousOT Contest Tokens that you receive from winning Events. Using the Contest Token will give you an entry in a monthly Premium Point Contest. Each month, 10 winners are drawn who win an amount of Premium Points.

Premium Points are managed and used exclusively on the NoxiousOT website. When you sell something in exchange for Premium Points, these Premium Points are added to your account virtually. They are not accessible in-game. You can then use them to buy special items from the Item Shop, or items from other players that are on sale on the Item Market.